I literally have no idea how the hell the writers managed to get away with a scene in which a character clearly invites his BFF to come to a GIANT ROBOT STRIP CLUB with him O.O

I totally forgot about this scene!

Beast Wars got a lot of stuff under the radar….I loved this show.

It is amazing how much innuendo and stuff they managed to sneak in there :D


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"Uno puede releer un libro, pero cuando un pulóver está terminado no se puede repetirlo sin escándalo."

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Allen Ferro: One thing that I found amazing — I found this out recently, too — was that Pablo used only dailies because Stanley [Kubrick] doesn’t let his negatives get touched.

Pablo Ferro: Yeah, he does a lot of takes so I had a lot of choice. I took the best outtakes which look very much like the takes he used. For the Clockwork trailer, it’s all outtakes.

Read more in part two of our three-part feature interview with Pablo Ferro and his son Allen:

Pablo Ferro: A Career Retrospective, Part 2 on Art of the TItle

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